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Through my studies and experience with many creative environmental projects and clients, from stages to sacred spaces, I have noticed a great disconnect, and in some cases a complete disregard of one's direct relationship with their environment(s). If you feel discomfort or out of place within your home, or maybe you have difficulty being fully present, or experience climate anxiety, or simply desire a deeper connection with the spaces in which you live, I have wisdom and medicine to share with you. With my expertise, and cosmic guidance, I have developed a method using sensorial storytelling and spiritual design techniques, in which I will guide you in the co-creation of holistic environments (and whole-hearted relationships with them) that will support your complete well-being.

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Environmental Wellness Practitioner
Creative Environments Designer
Intuitive Artist

Specializing in Sensorial Storytelling & Spiritual Design

Corrina Rider

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Inital Consultation


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When I was a child you would have most frequently found me drawing, painting, exploring in the woods or building extravagant miniature villages out of twigs, stones, leaves, flower petals, whatever I could find that worked as accommodations for the gnomes who travelled through our yard at night. 

Little did I know that I was setting the foundation for my academic studies in Fine Arts and Art History, Theater (with an emphasis in Scenic Design) and most recently Landscape Architecture, as well as my professional experience in Landscape Design and Retail Design. All the while, I have continued to expand and refine my artistic expression and share my personal life's journey through drawing, painting, as caretaker and learner of plants and animals, photography and designing furniture, decor and jewelry (feel CREATORS).


Throughout my growth as an Artist/Designer I've been given the opportunities to live from coast to coast and a few places in between in the United States, as well as travel abroad to Europe, Central America and to both of our neighbors here in North America, Canada and Mexico, offering exposure to many beliefs, cultures, people, places and things, all of which adding to the richness of my expertise.


Around the same time that the gnomes were my clients, my fascination with Mythology and Egyptology began. And, by about the age of 11, I was spending my allowance on such things as crystals, oracle cards and books about dreams, astrology, ancient civilizations, and other esoteric wisdom. I’ve come to recognize the wealth of knowledge I have obtained as these personal interests, life practices and familial influences in areas such as metaphysics, quantum science, cosmology, psychology and philosophy (and how they all relate), spiritual awareness and evolution, health consciousness, holistic (plant) medicines, energy healing and our complete cosmic connectedness have matured. It seems quite natural, maybe destined, that I meld all of this that is me, and offer it back to you.

Partially an innate gift and partly learned along the way, I facilitate in connecting people (and sometimes animals too) more whole-heartedly and spiritually to the spaces in which they live. Through the discovery, expression and sharing of stories (feelings and energy), I assist in deepening and strengthening the communication between you and your environment, allowing you to live within your space, not simply in the space. 

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Consultation (Environmental Relationship & Design Guidance)

$369 / Initial Consultation Package (Virtual/Zoom) 

(in which we will focus on a single room/studio sized space – indoors or outdoors. This includes a 30 min Overview/Preparation chat with me first (via Zoom), then I will review images/video of your space and develop further strategies depending on your specific needs and desires prior to our 1 hour Consultation (also via Zoom), and a follow up email with a review, suggestions and any further insight I may have.)

$222 / hr thereafter

Extended Consulting and Design Services

$3333/month   [5 hrs/week over 30 days (20 hrs total)]

$2222/month   [3 hrs/week over 30 days (12 hrs total)]

(these include my time guiding you and co-creating with you as well as my time

designing, drafting, researching, etc. for your project)


Home & Office 
Retail & Community Spaces
Theatrical & Spiritual Events

Our environments are reflections of ourselves, individually and collectively. I offer you an opportunity, with the application of sensorial storytelling and spiritual design, to assess and enhance your well-being through the enrichment of your relationship with your environment(s).

I genuinely want to share my wisdom with whomever is called to knowing it, and I realize not everyone can afford my fees at this time in their life, so I invite you to contact me to discuss possible alternative payment options.

Also, other opportunities to work with me are in the works, so keep listening for announcements on the podcast and checking in...

Also, I highly recommend taking advantage of the FREE content on the PODCAST, especially the Introduction and Practice Exercise episodes

Please Note: Payment is required up front in order to confirm your commitment to the process.


Have questions as to how I can serve you?

I invite you to schedule a FREE 15 minute chat with me.

Omnistic in my approach, I work only on love & light focused projects. With that said, there will be some projects that will benefit from the acknowledgement of its shadows. In order to reveal the moon’s magnificence, you must also present the dark of night.

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Also, I am an Ambassador for

The Galactic Alliance

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