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Welcome to Environmentally You, dedicated to the exploration of our direct relationship with our environments, and ways in which we can cultivate a deeper connection and understanding of ourselves through the spaces in which we live out our daily lives.

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Episode 6:   Coming Soon
A Chat with Sonne Lore

-  Sonne is an Australian hedge witch, an urban homesteader, and a conservationist. She is a wholehearted advocate for environmental connectedness and elemental balance and a mother of 5 children who are equally wild little land lovers in training.

She can be found on IG @enchantress.of.lore

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Episode 5:   Coming Soon

- A prerecorded client's experience through the Initial Consultation process.

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The Background Story, part C

What? Can you believe it? The third and final episode covering the story behind the development of the Environmentally You methodology.

Hummingbird Hollow Outdoors Farm Sanctuary is a little 501c3 Animal Sanctuary/Campground/Glampsite:


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Episode 3.5:   2/16/23
It's Storytime, Another Practice Exercise

- "This next practice exercise is about discovering the stories behind the things in your daily life… the more you learn about your environment and the stories behind it, the deeper you can see into yourself, and you then open the opportunity to make more insightful choices…" 

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Episode 3:   1/27/23
The Background Story, part B

- This episode is the second part of the story of the development of the Environmentally You methodology.
- I think the subtitle needs to be "Is this for real?" 

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Episode 2.5:   11/22/22
Another Little Practice 

- Exercise 2 is a continuation, the shadow side, of Exercise 1

Episode 2:   11/5/2022
The Background Story, part A

- A bit more about who I am
- My background, specific to the designing of and relationship building with environments 
- And, how the methodology I have created was developed

Episode 1.5:   10/20/2022
A Little Practice 

- This is for those of you who just can’t wait to get your toes wet, I’ve got an exercise to get you started. Enjoy the process of becoming Environmentally You.

Episode 1:   10/10/2022
Introducing Environmentally You

- What I mean in the podcast intro when I say “our direct relationship with our environments, and ways in which we can cultivate a deeper connection and understanding of ourselves”
- Why I believe this relationship is important to acknowledge, explore and practice
- Why is now, 2022, the perfect time for understanding and practicing these concepts
- Who, I believe can benefit from this
- How? The short answer
- Who I am, also the short answer
- And, my intentions for this podcast

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