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Radiating and Interlacing Positive Energy


Intuitively handcrafted jewelry and décor with a cosmic purpose, radiating and interlacing positive energy

The development of this series of functional artwork began with my intuitive calling to create uplifting and purposeful work, with the intention of assisting in making this peculiar world a more positive environment for all. Through the use of color, sacred geometry and symbols, crystals, inspiration from nature and meditation each piece/set carries and radiates positive energies. This energy is then extended to the person(s) wearing, using and/or observing these unique pieces of art, and like radios, broadcasted out into the eternal ether, establishing an interlaced cosmic network of positive vibrations, a sort of spiritual interconnectedness.

Each one of a kind piece/set is given a respective title that reflects the energies/feelings it holds. I use essentially the same production techniques for those created from my personal inspiration as I do custom requests, although custom work not only offers personalization, you will also receive a more in depth experience, stepping from participant to co-creator. I invite you to learn more here. My goal is to make one (or more) feel CREATORS for everyone that wants to participate, so that collectively we can achieve a universal network of these loving energies. Please contact me for availability, sales/barter/trade information and/or any questions or inquiries regarding the process/pricing.

Interested in CO-CREATING a custom feel CREATORS

Here’s how…

1)   Mentally set your intention to fully enjoy your participation in this process, because you will. Take a deep breath, relax and open yourself to the transmission (communication) of the energies/emotions meant to come to fruition through your feel CREATORS piece (yes, even if you don't know what they are yet). While holding this intention, please fill out the Custom feel CREATORS Ignition Request Form. It is perfectly fine to leave questions unanswered, especially if we are creating a gift for a loved one other than yourself. There will be further communication between us.  

2)   Save and submit your Custom feel CREATORS Ignition Request Form via email to Please feel free to email any questions you may have as well. If you are unable to download the request form as an interactive pdf, feel free to contact me below and I will gladly email one to you directly.

3)   I will then review your form to verify the feasibility of your request on my end. I will not take on a project if I do not feel your request is aligned with what I do (I am a co-creator of love and light) and/or if I determine that I am unable to serve you well at this time, possibly due to an unattainable deadline or lack of materials specific to your request, etc. Thank you for your understanding if this is the case. 

4)   In most cases, we'll move forward. At this time there will be an initial Custom feel CREATORS (non-refundable/non-transferrable) fee of $222.00 (subject to increase for large scale projects) for a Custom feel CREATORS Concept Plan consisting of the colors, gemstones, energies/feelings evoked, approximate size and a “napkin sketch” of the design concept [$44.00 for each (up to 2) additional concept plans (alternative designs) for the same project] based on your request form responses and any further information provided. This leads us to your approval of the design concept, a mutual agreement on the price and payment of the Custom feel CREATORS piece itself (in addition to initial fee, for large projects) and other details such as progress check-ins and shipping details. 

5)  Then I will send you a Confirmation Package to begin your Custom feel CREATORS. This will include:

  • an Art Commission Contract covering project dates, *cost and payment details, notable project requirements or constraints, *check-in points between you and I and shipping details. Remember, this a co-creation that you are an integral part of.

  • a Concept Plan consisting of the colors, gemstones, energies/feelings evoked, approximate size and a “napkin sketch” of the design concept (signed for approval)

* These typically coincide with the cost and payment details

6) The real magic begins! I do encourage you to continue sending your positively energized thoughts to your Custom feel CREATORS piece throughout its incarnation. We will stay in touch at check-in points and the day it is shipped out.     



I look forward to connecting with you  



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For Custom feel CREATORS  please fill out, save and submit your ignition request form to

If you are unable to download the request form as an interactive pdf, feel free to contact me below and I will gladly email one to you.     


Wear/Use With Care:

  • I do recommend clearing the energy of the pieces regularly - See suggestions below.

  • feel CREATORS are made with sterling silver components. Carefully use a silver polish or polishing cloth to clean these parts.

  • Please note feel CREATORS are made of paper with an acrylic &/or epoxy resin coating, but they are NOT waterproof.

Energy Clearing/Charging Suggestions (but not limited to):

  • Set the piece(s) on a windowsill (or another moonlight accessible location) the night of a full moon.

  • Place the piece(s) inside of a pouch or bag (preferably made of a natural fabric, such as silk, cotton or leather). Then place below a plant or tree. Lovingly ask the plant to remove any undesirable energy and send it back into the earth to be cleansed.

  • Set the piece(s) on/near a selenite stick, quartz crystal and/or black tourmaline for at least 24 hours.

  • Use a singing bowl or chimes to give the piece(s) a sound bath/shower.

  • Smudge the piece(s) with sage (I recommend either White Sage or Desert Sage), Palo Santo or Cedar, to name a few options.

  • Through prayer or meditation ask your spirit guides to release the piece(s) of any and all negativity.

All feel CREATORS are nonrefundable / nonreturnable        

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